Thursday, 28 April 2011

Vote communist on May the 5th!

In one weeks time there will be several important elections. There are English local elections, elections to the Welsh and Scottish assemblies and the referendum on AV.

A strong communist vote would deliver a message to this Tory government that working people are not prepared to let the idle rich grow even fatter at the expense of everyone else. As outlined by communist candidate in Glasgow Anniesland here:

As we have seen in Greece, Portugal, Spain and France powerful communist parties can make a huge impact. In Britain we lack such a consistent fighter for socialism. While the communist party is growing, it needs your support on May the 5th.

Here is a list of communist candidates, it is incomplete and it would be helpful if anyone could provide any more known candidates.

English Local Elections;

Mohinder Farma - Unity for Peace and Socialism-Mayor of Leicester
Avtar Singh, Unity for Peace and Socialism- Coleman ward, Leicester
Ashvin Vyas, Unity for Peace and Socialism. Coleman ward, Leicester
John Metcalfe, Communist party Morton ward, Carlisle
Martin Levy, Communist Party, Newcastle Walker
Gerrard Sables, Communist Party, Barnstaple Central/North Devon District Council

Scottish Assembly elections;

Marc Livingstone, Communist Party, Glasgow Anniesland

Welsh Assembly elections;

NORTH WALES Regional List;

Glyn Davies, Communist Party
Trevor Jones, Communist Party
Rhian Cartwright, Communist Party
Graham Morgan, Communist Party

MID & WEST WALES Regional List;

Catrin Ashton, Communist Party
Rick Newnham, Communist Party
Barbara Thomas, Communist Party
Clive Eliassen, Communist Party


Robert Griffiths, Communist Party
Gwen Griffiths, Communist Party
Fran Rawlings, Communist Party
Clive Griffiths, Communist Party


Tommy Roberts, Communist Party
Roy Evans, Communist Party
Julian Jones, Communist Party
Angharad Khan-Raja, Communist Party


John Morrissey, Communist Party
Laura Picand, Communist Party
David Brown, Communist Party
Dan Cole, Communist Party

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