Thursday, 28 April 2011

Vote communist on May the 5th!

In one weeks time there will be several important elections. There are English local elections, elections to the Welsh and Scottish assemblies and the referendum on AV.

A strong communist vote would deliver a message to this Tory government that working people are not prepared to let the idle rich grow even fatter at the expense of everyone else. As outlined by communist candidate in Glasgow Anniesland here:

As we have seen in Greece, Portugal, Spain and France powerful communist parties can make a huge impact. In Britain we lack such a consistent fighter for socialism. While the communist party is growing, it needs your support on May the 5th.

Here is a list of communist candidates, it is incomplete and it would be helpful if anyone could provide any more known candidates.

English Local Elections;

Mohinder Farma - Unity for Peace and Socialism-Mayor of Leicester
Avtar Singh, Unity for Peace and Socialism- Coleman ward, Leicester
Ashvin Vyas, Unity for Peace and Socialism. Coleman ward, Leicester
John Metcalfe, Communist party Morton ward, Carlisle
Martin Levy, Communist Party, Newcastle Walker
Gerrard Sables, Communist Party, Barnstaple Central/North Devon District Council

Scottish Assembly elections;

Marc Livingstone, Communist Party, Glasgow Anniesland

Welsh Assembly elections;

NORTH WALES Regional List;

Glyn Davies, Communist Party
Trevor Jones, Communist Party
Rhian Cartwright, Communist Party
Graham Morgan, Communist Party

MID & WEST WALES Regional List;

Catrin Ashton, Communist Party
Rick Newnham, Communist Party
Barbara Thomas, Communist Party
Clive Eliassen, Communist Party


Robert Griffiths, Communist Party
Gwen Griffiths, Communist Party
Fran Rawlings, Communist Party
Clive Griffiths, Communist Party


Tommy Roberts, Communist Party
Roy Evans, Communist Party
Julian Jones, Communist Party
Angharad Khan-Raja, Communist Party


John Morrissey, Communist Party
Laura Picand, Communist Party
David Brown, Communist Party
Dan Cole, Communist Party

Friday, 15 April 2011

Vote Communist!

Watch the Communist Party's election broadcast here

Communists in Wales are to stand 20 candidates in the forthcoming elections to the Wales Assembly on 5 May. This bold initiative, will also gain the Communist Party space on television from which it is so often excluded. But elections cost money and that is where you can make a difference.

The Welsh Communist Party is for the second time contesting seats across the whole of Wales (the first time was in 2007) on 5 May 2011, standing 20 candidates in the five regions. 

In so doing, the Communist Party will qualify for TV and radio election broadcasts; an excellent opportunity to argue the case for a socialist response to this capitalist crisis to tens of thousands of people in Wales.

The Communist Party is also planning to hold meetings across the length and breadth of Wales and produce and distribute thousands of leaflets, stickers and posters.

All of these political commitments will cost money, money the Party doesn’t yet have, e.g. £2500.00 (Broadcast production); £2500.00 (Candidate deposits); £500.00 (20,000 leaflets).

The Communist Party is therefore calling on all its members and friends to make a contribution, large or small, to ensure that we can carry out our political work and ensure that we continue to develop as the main party of the Left in Wales.
The target is to raise £3000.00 plus from members and supporters which, along with £2500.00 from Party reserves, will fund this election contest.

If you wish to contribute to the Welsh Communist Party’s election appeal and enclose a cheque (made payable to ‘WCCPB’) for:
£100.00 / £50.00 / £20.00 / £10.00 Other £……..… (delete as applicable)
Please send your contribution to the address below:
Y Blaid Gomiwnyddol Communist Party, Blwch Post/PO Box 69, Pontypridd CF37 9AB

The Welsh Communist Party is again contesting every region in the National Assembly of Wales elections, as it did in 2007, to ensure that the usual fare of “cabbages and kings” dished up by the main parties will not go unchallenged.

20 communist candidates contesting the five regional lists are calling for people across Wales to cast their 2nd vote Welsh communist. You can read their manifesto here

Friday, 1 April 2011

March for the alternative, the alternative is socialism!

Between 500,000 and 750,000 trade unionists, anti-cuts campaigners, communists and socialists joined the huge TUC-organised march for the alternative on Saturday 26th March in central London. Those marching expressed their anger at the brutal assault on the living standards of working class families. The Tory led government are handing out tax cuts to big business monopolies, while working families are suffering lower pay, job cuts and loss of local services. While the capitalist class are increasing their wealth to record levels, the level of personal debt has soared pushing up the number of homes that are being repossessed. Pensions have been extended and reduced meaning older workers will have to work longer for less and younger workers will be denied a job. Access to education is being restricted to those who afford it, with tuition fees for university trebled and EMA cut, education seems to be returning to be a privilege of the upper classes. Once again Gas and electric companies recently published record profits that run parallel to their price rises well above the rate of inflation.

Once more ordinary working families are expected to foot the bill. We are expected to subsidise the luxurious lifestyles of the idle rich and be lucky to live our lives worried about the next bill, the next the ‘ragged trousered philanthropists’ of Robert Tressell.

This is not acceptable and hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated this on Saturday. People came from all over the country, many came in wheel chairs or pushing prams. Fire fighters marched in uniform, 35,000 people held on to copies of the Morning Star, the background echoed with the sound of whistles, chanting, singing as well as bagpipe, steel drum and traditional brass bands. The biggest number of union flags and banners seen on one demo for 20 gave those marching the sense that the labour movement is still here, is growing in strength and will not take this cuts sitting down.

Members of the Young Communist League joined the biggest communist contingent seen in Britain for 30 years complete with local branch banners, flags and a bhangra band. This reflects the communist party’s growing support and confident. YCLers came from around the country to attend the demonstration, a group of YCLers from Glasgow branch travelled on a coach through the night to be there on the day.

There is no alternative nice version of capitalism. This is the crisis of capitalism, of over production and over accumulation, inherent to capitalism. There is no escape through making deals with the big business monopolies. We cannot accommodate the interests of a class whose interests are the direct opposite of ours. As one Young Communist League banner exclaimed:

‘For Class Unity, Against Class Collaboration

March for the alternative, The Alternative is SOCIALISM!’