Monday, 10 January 2011

Our Future is socialism!

The Communist Party of Britain has adopted a Party Campaign Plan for 2011 which includes major initiatives. Includes two national speaking tours and upping the ante on the struggle against job loss and the destruction of industry and services.

These include proposals for:

• The party's annual trade union and political cadre school on February 26-27.
• A national event to celebrate International Women's Day with other Communist and workers' parties domiciled in Britain.
• A campaigning 'month of action' in March and November on benefit cuts and Palestinian political prisoners.
• Two national speaking tours in spring and winter on 'Capitalist crisis - the Communist Party's answer' and 'The Communist Party and Britain's Road to Socialism'.
• Communist Party participation in English local, Scottish and Welsh elections on May 5.
• Campaigning against the Alternative Vote in the May 5 referendum.
• A seminar to be organised by the party's Economic Committee on the dimensions of capitalist crisis.
• Discussions to formulate 'a major labour movement initiative' against mass unemployment.

Britain is in an economic crisis.For too many years the labour movement has been fighting on its back foot, Finance has stranggled the rest of the nation and the rich have increased their wealth to staggering levels. Tired old anti-communist propaganda is being questioned by a new generation of socialists. Many young people are seeing capitalism for what it is and they support the communist party while it is growing in numbers and influence.

Britain badly needs the communist party. A larger cadre party that could act as a discplined cohort at the core of the labour movement ensuring that it packs a punch, providing leadership based on Marxist-Leninist analysis and organising communities that have been neglected for far too long. Such a party could make Britain's economic crisis a political crisis.

At a time when many are becoming interested in the communist party-especially among young people and students-it is fantastic to see the party asserting itself and stepping up it's activity.

As this fantastic banner read from the KNE-Communist youth of Greece at the recent 17th World Festival of Youth and Students in South Africa-'Communism is the youth of the world!'

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