Saturday, 8 May 2010

Not all that bad...

With on going negotiations currently being held between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, have no idea what form of government we will get.

The results were not as bad as were expected. Despite some quite unnerving losses, Labour were not completely annihilated like some were wishfully prophesying. The Conservatives, who have had this election presented to them on a plate, did relatively badly. Like in 1979, there was a swing to Labour in Scotland and in many traditional heartland areas there was evidence of an increased Labour vote. The British working class are terrified at the prospect of a Tory administration.

It is nothing short of remarkable that the tories, who held huge leads in the polls until very recently have not gained an absolute majority.

There were some low points, although Salma Yaqoob received a very respectable vote, she unfortunately did not win her seat. And it was certainly a process of self flagellation to witness all the Tory gains, however, it was hard to pity the useless New Labour M.P.s who lost their seats. The BNP did not make any breakthroughs, and thanks to anti-facist campaigning they came nowhere near.

A high(er) turnout traditionally is good for the Labour vote and if we look at the local election results we can see that Labour have elected over 400 new local councillors and have gained overall control of 14 councils, while the tories, liberals and BNP are down.

So what about the options for government. It looks increasingly unlikely that a administration will be build around the Labour party, only if the Liberals and nationalists play ball. A Liberal-Tory alliance would mean a loss in popular support for the Liberals, perhaps even in members and M.P.s. However, it might bring us PR, civil liberties and prevent the Tories from implementing the most savage policies. A minority Tory government would be very weak, if it attempted to bring in unpopular measures it would certainly fall and we might have another election later this year.

While the Communist party's election results were disappointingly low, I do not think anyone was expecting a Communist landslide, there was one local result that was particularly good.

The national results were as follows:

Leicester East: - Atvar Sadiq 494 votes (1%)
Carlisle: - John Metcalfe 376 (0.9%)
Cardiff South and Penarth: - Robert Griffiths 196 votes (0.4%)
Glasgow North West: - Marc Livingstone 179 votes (0.5%)
Newcastle East: - Martin Levy 177 votes (0.5%)
Croydon North: - Ben Stevenson 160 votes (0.3%)
Sheffield South East: - Steve Andrew 139 votes (0.3%)
North Devon: - Gerry Sables 96 votes (0.2%)

However, in the mayoral elections for Hackney Monty Goldman received 2,033 votes. Which is a fantastic result.

While a government build around the Labour party would be best, we will still have to fight the cuts of any government. The labour movement must rally round to fight to defend our public services and campaign to withdraw the troops from Afganistan.


  1. Indeed there's much to be optimistic for now the post-election dust is settling. A lot of opportunity for consolidating a progressive opposition.

  2. All the small parties got squeezed, Caroline Lucas's result was the exception. The Respect result was good in Birmingham, and poor in London and all the other sects got hammered.

    But good for Monty.... mind you if I ever hear that Cable Street speech of his again..