Friday, 28 May 2010

Demonstrate against repression in Poland!

The Young Communist League is holding a demonstration outside of the Polish Embassy at 6 PM on June the 8th. Anyone wishing to participate please assemble at 17.30 outside the British library main entrance.

The government of Poland will implement an amendment to the penal code criminalizing the dissemination of “communist symbolism.” Anyone who “produces, perpetuates, or imports, stores, possesses, presents, carries or sends a printout, a recording or other object” carrying “fascist, communist or other totalitarian symbolism” for other than “artistic” or “research” purposes can be punished with two years in prison.

This latest piece of anti-communist repression follows a wave of similar legislation across Europe. Bans on communist symbols have already taken place in Hungary and Lithuania, with steps being taken in other countries.In 2007, the Czech government outlawed the Communist Youth Union because it called for social ownership of the means of production. Attempts have also been made to outlaw the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia. A party which is the third-largest parliamentary party in the Czech Republic and came second in the 2004 European Parliament elections.

This outrageous censorship condradicts the “democratic ideals” professed by bourgeois liberalism. These moves are deeply connected to the effort to whitewash history and equate communism and fascism. The Young Communist League rejects this suppresion and attempts to rehabilitate nazism.

Britain's young communists declare:

History will not be rewritten!

The future cannot be banned!


  1. I can remember the EU banning some elected representatives of the Eastern bloc nations because they were ex-members of their country's communist party. Seems like nothing's changed with the neoliberals using all methods to repress what they don't agree with.

    Democracy my arse.