Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Those CAPITALIST courts

As it if wasn't bad enough that the courts are being used to take away British worker's right to strike, the story I just read on socialist unity is out of this world(http://www.socialistunity.com/?p=5540). The story reads that the judge who imposed a court injunction against the RMT that prevented strike action at Network Rail is closely related to a big gun at Goldman Sachs that raise a huge amount of money for Network Rail.

Mrs Justice Sharp's brother, Richard Sharp very recently ran Goldman Sachs’ European private equity fund. Goldman Sachs is a principle dealer for Network Rail’s 34 billion Debt Issuance Programme. She is also a massive Tory and associate of Boris Johnson.

So RMT make a few mistakes with the details of thousands of individuals who move around/get sacked/get promoted/leave for another job and they were overruled by one woman who is very clearly bias against the strike action.

This together with allegations that Mrs Justice Cox, the judge who outlawed the overwhelmingly popular decision of BA workers to strike last year, was to fly with BA leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Whether these allegations are true or not, this provides us with a very good insight into freedom under capitalism. As Lenin wrote in State and Revolution;

"In capitalist society, providing it develops under the most favourable conditions, we have a more or less complete democracy in the democratic republic. But this democracy is always hemmed in by the narrow limits set by capitalist exploitation, and consequently always remains, in effect, a democracy for the minority, only for the propertied classes, only for the rich. Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in the ancient Greek republics: freedom for the slave-owners. Owing to the conditions of capitalist exploitation, the modern wage slaves are so crushed by want and poverty that "they cannot be bothered with democracy", "cannot be bothered with politics"; in the ordinary, peaceful course of events, the majority of the population is debarred from participation in public and political life. . . ."

The feeling that everything is fixed breeds apathy, especially when we are presented with allegations as terrible as this. But we cannot allow this apathy to set in. It is just what the capitalists want, it is exactly the conditions that allow fascists to recieve support for their filth.

Only mass campaigning can reverse this crazed set of affairs. Now is the time to step up activity in your trades council and union branches. Come along to the Defending The Welfare State and Public Services demonstration (http://www.10410demo.co.uk/)this saturday.

All Communist party members and supporters are urged to get along to this demonstration and help us get our voices heard, help us sell the Morning Star and give a message to Tories, Liberals and New Labour that we are not prepared to face their onslaught sitting down.

The People United Will Never Be Defeated!