Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tax the rich? no tax the mums!

Rightwing thinktank reform has released some helpful kindlines for us to reduce the country's deficit. Fair enough we are in debt, so I assume we will have to raise taxes, especially on the rich to reduce this deficit. Not according to Reform!

Reform note that "given the weakness of the economy and the need to encourage growth, the tax rises should be levied in the least economically damaging way possible". Confused by what this means? I sure am.

Reform state that "unfortunately all three major parties are committed to the most economically damaging tax rises". Eh?

Surely we have to raise taxes if we want more money to pay off our debts?

Well according to Reform this concept it completely wrong. You see these tax rises, that effect the very people who created this mess, is "already forcing major companies to consider leaving the UK and dissuading talented people from moving to and investing in the UK." Reform argue that "the balance of fairness has tilted too far against a small group of wealth generators."

So they won't pay and want to leave the country? well fair enough, I'll drive them to the airport myself. If they do not feel particularly strongly about the country where they get their profits and they have no will to reduce the debt that will effect all their employees, then to be perfectly frank they should leave.

So if they want lower taxes for big bussiness, how do they intend to solve the problem? Well it is very simple, according to Reform, this crisis created by the rich can only be overcome by reducing taxes on the rich and making the rest of us pay for it.

They declared that "The UK is one of only four EU countries to apply a zero rate to food and one of only three to apply a zero or reduced rate to children’s clothes". I love how they word this, as if it is a terrible thing to keep the prices of essential goods down, especially as these are needed by struggling people.

Despite this crisis created by the rich and the public's anger at bankers, right-wing ideologues such as Reform feel that they can pump out their vile neo-liberal propaganda. They have got some nerve.

We cannot let these creature get away with such balant defence of the rich. Why is the current political agenda based around the cost we are going to have to pay? Because we have not got out there and demanded that the rich pay for their crisis.

We need to stop this ruling class offensive. We can do that in two pays, first we need to understand it. Get a copy of this and read it(

Secondly, we need to get the message out there. We can do that with posters such as this one ( up a local People's Charter group, organise a meeting, talk to your workmates, the other parents at the school gates, your family.

For further inspiration, check out how our comrades from Greece are fighting the ruling class offensive in their country (

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