Thursday, 25 March 2010

Communists to take over the country

An article in the Daily Mail yesterday outlined how the evil Communist party in Britain is to take over the Labour Party and is behind all the strikes in the country. Read the reds-under-the-bed story here: (

The Communist party's response was:

"It should come as no surprise that the Communist Party fully supports BA cabin crew and their union Unite in the battle to defend pay and working conditions against a vicious management. Nor is it a shock that the anti-trade union, anti-working class Daily Mail is launching a series of hysterical attacks against workers who have voted democratically and overwhelmingly to take action. Like other socialists, the Communist Party has never made any secret of its wish to see the labour movement take back control of the Labour Party from the New Labour faction and its policies of privatisation and imperialist war."

Is all publicity good?


  1. "Is all publicity good?"
    Well, yeah, kind-of, but I doubt the Mail will ever print that response, they're too one-sided. However in the spirit of open debate I looked at the highest rated comments on that Mail article (MailOnline has an unusually large population of completely bonkers commentators). Here's the choice pick:

    "In view of this revelation which PROVES the Communist/Marxist agenda of not only taking over Nu Liebore but of taking over the country and turning it into a communist hell-hole, the Queen MUST now use her Royal Prerogative and dissolve Parliament.

    She can no longer remain silent."
    Rated up by 460, third highest-rated comment! Although I feel it'd be a little weary to point out that the Daily Mail is full of lies and despicable racism, hate and intolerance towards anyone who doesn't fit their narrow 'white, christian middle class' target audience.