Monday, 4 January 2010

Combating sinophobia...

With the great anti-Chinese crusade showing no signs of stopping, a rare bit of balance came to the British media in the form of an article for the Scotsman(
Entitled 'Britain stands on shaky ground when attacking Chinese justice', the article outlines some of the hypocrisy of the condemnation of China.

Whatever your views on the death penalty or questions surrounding the mental health... you have to agree that the media went a little bit overboard on its criticism.

It is interesting to see the ways in which ruling class propaganda manages to slip its way into 'objective' reporting. For instance, articles concerning the olympics made political attacks on China, would this same standard have been applied to an olympics held in for instance the USA? Would our coverage of the Olympics also attack the USA for the wars in Middle East?

I highly doubt it.

If you read the news it becomes apparent that China is personally responsible for global warming, poverty in the third world....etc.

Do most people buy this? If do they really think that Britain and the USA are completely blameless liberal saviours of the planet, who are fighting the Yellow peril?

Scary times

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  1. China's become the official unofficial enemy. It's a convenient target as it offers fake-left liberals and right-wing hawks an area of convergence.