Friday, 13 November 2009

At last something to celebrate

Well done Scottish Labour in Glasgow North East!

A great result that displays not only the appeal of Labour in its core constituencies, but also due to the fact that Gordon Brown was campaigning there, it proves Gordon is not the electoral liability that certain people want to convey to the nation.

However, the turnout was pathetic at 33 percent, this clearly displays the people of Glasgow North East's regard for mainstream bourgeois politicians. This was the primary reason (along with a lot of campaigning) for the good result for the BNP which was 1,013, only a few votes off the tories and 17 below the required amount to save their deposit.

The number of Left candidates was farcical, nevertheless, Sheridan still managed to beat the Lib Dems, it is always funny to see them wiped off the map.

Overall, a good result for Labour, hopefully it displays that Cameron's lies have yet to win over the people of Glasgow.


LAB - 12,231
SNP- 4,120
CON - 1075
BNP - 1013
SOL - 794
LIB-DEM - 474
GREEN - 332
SSP - 152
SLP - 47

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